To evolve as a 'hub of maritime information in the region through seamless coordination and high grade information sharing between concerned stakeholders to augment maritime safety and security.'


To coordinate information sharing between stakeholders for generating effective response to maritime incidents and illegal activities at sea by concerned organizations.

About Us

Joint Maritime Information Coordination Centre is the hub of maritime information sharing in pakistan. The centre maintains requisite level of information sharing as well as interactions with various national as well as regional stakeholders contributing towards secure and safer maritime activity in its area of responsibility.

JMICC Collates and Archives Variety of data
from national and international stakeholders
which is directly or indirectly related to maritime domain.

Our Services

Save Our Souls(SOS) REQUEST

JMICC monitors SOS request through AAAS applications and toll free help line number 1096.

Community Engagement

The Center regularly interacts with its stakeholders spanning from shipping, fishing, law enforcement agencies and NGOs keeping abreast of trends in maritime domain.

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Information Sharing

The centre generates variety of products utilizing data recieved from its stakeholders. These includes Contact of Intersts (COIs), Maritime domain awareness bights (MDA), Alerts, Pattern of Life analysis and more.

JMIS Software

Joint Maritime Information System (JMIS) shall enable virtual linkage of JMICC with both national and international stakeholder by medium of web. The Software is able to collect, analyze, evaluate, dislpay and disseminate a seamless, fully integrated and tailorable Common Operating Picture (COP).

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