Pakistan Navy being the principal stakeholder responsible for Maritime Defence and Security took the lead and initiated the proposal of Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JMICC) - through which all the concerned ministries, agencies and departments could be linked for information sharing, coordination and to generate a timely and synergized response against any impending threat.

Present JMICC infrastructure provides a network-aided environment for building Common Maritime Operating Picture (MCOP) to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for early identification of potential threat and coordinated response to counter illicit activities.  JMICC also ensures smooth transition of responsibility from one agency to the other across respective domains, while dealing with any challenge/threat.

JMICC is being manned round the clock by a competent Ops Team including representatives from concerned stakeholders to ensure two-way link for rapid information sharing about any Contact of Interest.  So far, JMICC has been integrated with 46 Stakeholders, which include Maritime Headquarters, HQ Coastal Command, Naval Intelligence, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, Pakistan Coast Guard, Karachi Port Trust, Port Qasim Authority, Gwadar Port Authority, Fishery departments of Sindh and Baluchistan and ANF and Pak Customs.  Later on, as the organization matures, other agencies like ISI, Ministries of Interior, Ports and Shipping, Food & Live stocks, will also be integrated.

In addition, coordination at regional level on matters related to maritime security is also included in the JMICC vision.  This will be achieved by developing common information sharing mechanism with the regional countries for enhanced MDA of Area of Interest in order to counter illicit activities and contribute towards regional maritime security.


To achieve enhanced MDA through seamless integration of all concerned national and regional stakeholders in the AOI in order to counter illicit activities and contribute towards regional maritime security.


  To maintain MDA through quick sharing of information amongst all concerned stakeholders and coordinate response in order to counter illicit activities in the AOR.


Besides day to day guidance from HQ & feedbacks from Stakeholders, JMICC is working on the lines as per following objectives:

a. Achieve enhanced MDA of AOR.

b.Timely sharing of information amongst all stakeholders involved in matters related to maritime security.

c. Coordinate response amongst concerned stakeholders to counter illicit activities.

d. Develop Archive/Data for analysis.

e. Avoid duplication of efforts by stakeholders.