The biggest challenge in Pakistan to maritime security has been coordination between a host of disparate agencies associated with the maritime sector. All these agencies and departments working independently within their own vertical command structures wereunable to deal with the changed nature of threat that we face in the maritime domain. Therefore, it became imperative to create an organization that could provide a mechanism for lateral coordination and information sharing between all the organizations involved in themaritime sector. In this backdrop, Pakistan Navy being the principal stakeholder responsible for Maritime Defence and Security took the lead and initiated the proposal of Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JMICC) - through which all the concerned ministries, agencies and departments could be linked for information sharing, coordination and to generate a timely and synchronized response against any impending threat. The Government of Pakistan, realizing the importance of maritime security, approved the proposal. Subsequently, JMICC was established in PNS QASIM at Manora Island and activated on 22 Dec 2012. It was inaugurated on 07 Feb 2013 by then honourable Defence Minister Mr. Naveed Qamar.