Cdr Asif Iftekhar Khan PN


    Since establishment of JMICC on 7 February 2013, Pakistan’s Maritime Sector stakeholders have been significantly forth coming in supporting the mutual cause of increasing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), whereby improving the overall safety, security and environment in our Maritime realm. The result of this mutual progress is evident from the achievements that have been collectively accomplished so far.

    JMICC is a relatively new organization,whereas the Maritime Domain is quite vast; therefore, much of the focus is on mutual realization of how to provide support and where we can add value to maritime safety / security and help to achieve desired level of MDA. Our endeavour remains focused to kindle the seafaring spirit amongst the Maritime community, which can help in rapid flow of desired information to and fro amongst our stakeholders.

    In today’s world where technology and time is changing swiftly than ever experienced before, altering global maritime opportunities and challenges; JMICC strives diligently to provide all the stakeholders a suitable platform to generate synergy in efforts and mutual flow of credible information in all domains relevant to Maritime Sector in order to progressively meet the global standards and make Pakistan’s Maritime Sector a leading trendsetter.The same, however, is only possible when we all work for the common goal achieving national prosperity and regional security.Therefore our motto remains:

'Together We Can

                                                                                 Together We Will'.